By David Bollard

Creative Director, SNMC

Move over Hollywood, we discovered some great acting talent from the SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC) team.

We are talking about Oscar winning performances that would make George Clooney or Sandra Bullock jealous.

photoshoot 73

The project was a new Loan Officer Recruitment video where many SNMC employees starred in some non-speaking roles. The video that was created followed the life of a new Loan Officer (LO) during a day at SNMC. Scenes were mainly shot from an over the shoulder perspective as the LO interacted with people at SNMC.

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Scenes showed the support the LO received from managers, underwriters, processors and staff who are committed to getting loans done. Throughout the video unique benefits and perks were highlighted as the LO experienced life being a part of the SNMC group.

There were also a few professional talents that were hired and played the role of a happy couple that applied for a loan and then bought the house of their dreams. SNMC employees did a great job acting as fill-in talents for these shots.

The LO Recruitment Video is currently in the editing process and will soon be in a theater near you and on YouTube.

Thanks again to all those that participated in the production.

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