SNMC  is pleased to announce that it has recently funded a green residential building project for Divum Homes, a design/build construction firm based near Salt Lake City, Utah.

The owners of the home, John and Martine Ferrone, wanted to support the environment and reduce their energy consumption by building a high-performance home; in doing so they would save money on utility bills and create a more comfortable and healthy home. The utility expenses for their Salt Lake City high-performance home are a mere $19 a month, which keeps total utility costs under $250 a year.

Even in extreme winter or summer weather the Ferrone family will have a comfortable home and low utility bills. The 2,100 square-foot home, which features a ground source geothermal heating system coupled with a 4K solar photovoltaic electricity system, has a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating of 7, which is outstanding, considering that the average home in America has a HERS 130 rating.

Similar to an MPG rating for vehicles, the HERS Index is a new building performance measurement for homes; the lower the HERS number, the better the efficiency. Read more…

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