Lynn Beckstead, President of SecurityNational Mortgage Company (SNMC) was recently recognized as one the most influential mortgage executives by Mortgage Executive Magazine.  Mr. Beckstead has more than 35 years of real estate and mortgage experience. He is an original founder of SNMC, and has helped to build this company into a national mortgage lender that boasts more than 600 employees, and originates close to 3 billion dollars in mortgage loans per year.

Lynn was one of 100 top mortgage executives recognized nationwide. When asked by Mortgage Executive Magazine about a challenge the mortgage industry faces today, Lynn responded, “A mortgage industry challenge is the uncertainty of a future capital vehicle that will sustain a nationwide housing market. We are in the dark concerning the future of the GSE’s and have yet to see a plan that would replace them. Another challenge is how to meet the housing demands of those that will not fit into the QM box. Aside from these challenges, there is a lot of opportunity and this is a great industry. We provide the American dream of home ownership and the demand will grow as huge populations of Millennials come into the housing market. New technology is crucial and will help us navigate through a highly regulated environment and give us more access to potential borrowers.”       Read More…


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